The Club

The various management clubs has been conceived and evolved by internal faculty members for immense learner’s benefits after years of profound observations of the market environment and global changes in business knowledge, Innovation and Strategic Management domain. Driven by club founders experience in management consulting, business development, innovation management and entrepreneurship Club has been established to help students learn about how to make businesses survive during difficult times and changes through:

1. Gaining competitive advantage through fierce competition
2. Realizing innovation of modern tools to optimize their intellectual potential
3. Focusing on their strategy

Our Mission

The club was created to learn and apply the achievements of science and best practices in knowledge, innovation and strategic management to organizations and businesses.

Our Objective

The main objective of the club is to promote learning of use of modern methods and tools for knowledge, innovation and strategic management in order to achieve higher efficiency in their management skills and most importantly to improve their competitiveness in the globalized market.