ACNSB Executive Education Programme (AEEP) is a learning and interaction place for meaningful exchange between business leaders and the academia. The AEEP is designed to upgrade participants’ skills and techniques to enhance their career faster. Programmes are available across multiple business domains and as per current industry specific market demand. Participants learn from the management research of the faculty, besides the wide experience of fellow learners. It provides an ideal platform for gaining new insights in upcoming business perspectives.

AEEP is aimed at broadening the outlook and strengthening the skills of practicing managers. Globalization and extensive competition are affecting every organization irrespective of size across industries. Traditional management hierarchies are crumbling, dispersed and virtual organizations is taking shape. E-commerce is defining new ways of Supply Chain Management affecting Global markets & supply sources.

The business intellectualism is changing dramatically and organizations are striving to improve their reaction time. Quality is another serious work from initial buzzword due to intense competitive pressure. The needs of all stakeholders-employees, customers, suppliers, government, the community and the environment, are affecting business decisions.

In response to above phenomenon the AEEP comprise of two broad categories of programmes –

  • Open Programmes  are anchored on faculty research and expertise across various disciplines of management and draw participants from different organizations.
  • Custom Programmes offered by the school are designed or customized to meet the specific needs of organizations.

Please send us a request for Calendar of Programmes that we offer to choose the right one for you. In case of any queries, please reach out to our Marketing Services team.