With the mushrooming of hundreds of private colleges and universities across the country, Education management professionals provide a variety of services to students including education, activities counseling and services. These professionals work in public and private schools, colleges, universities, vocational school, as well as organizations that provide enrichment and academic services outside general school systems. All states require licensing or certification for almost all educational management occupations.

Academic Dean

Academic deans oversee and direct the academic curriculum and activities for one or several academic disciplines. These professionals ensure students receive the most appropriate education in their area of study. This includes curriculum development, enrichment activities, as well as educational policies. Employers require at least a master’s degree for this occupation, and most prefer a doctoral degree in education or a related discipline. All states require a license or certification as a school administrator to practice as a dean. Salary can vary depending on the academic area these professionals oversee.


Principals oversee and direct elementary, middle and secondary schools. These professionals develop educational goals, work with teachers to maintain high curricula, administer school budgets, as well as develop fund-raising activities. This includes ensuring students meet local, state and national academic standards.


School counselors provide students with personal, social and academic counseling, as well as manage and assist students in selecting educational paths that will best suit their needs and goals. This includes selecting current and continuing education coursework, assisting with college applications and providing career and resume advice to help find employment. This may involve assessing students’ skills and personal attributes, working with parents and providing insight to help students develop academic and career skills.