The Leadership Clinic at ACNSB foremost task is to identify leaders, support those who are in crisis and not performing to their norm, helps leaders with their personal strategic development, and coaches and trains them in effective leadership practices and behavior towards their peers and subordinates, personal relations and clients, particularly in adopting adaptive leadership styles. The work of the Leadership Clinic is based on research into the impact that leaders have and on the ability to create or impair massive success depending on their behavior towards others.

Leadership Clinic is a proven and effective way to build capacity with an intensive focus on organizational and leadership skill development. It also provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and strategies through variety of innovative processes and settings and assist participating teams in developing or refining action plans.

All our Post Graduate Management programmes participant attend Leadership Workshops which is aimed at providing every student with an in-depth understanding of their strengths and areas of improvement to develop themselves into impactful leaders. The participants are also introduced to principle of leadership, personality development and emotional intelligence. Various leadership clinic workshops focus on three key elements to foster learning:

1) Assessment – you should analyse and understand your leadership style
2) Challenges – your areas of improvement
3) Training – the method adopted

ACNSB use validated personality assessment and a 360-degree feedback assessment tool, which systematically collect opinions about student’s personality and behavior. Participants will be having overall feedback in terms of individualized reports.

Participants will be encouraged to develop personal goals based on the feedback they have received and develop a plan to strengthen their leadership capability.


Key concepts in leadership development:

  • Experiential learning – Will be delivered through Outbound training and leadership exercise.
  • Self efficacy – A person’s belief about his capabilities to produce effects
  • Visioning – Ability to formulate a clear image of self aspiration.
  • Attitude – Attitude plays a major role in being leader

A good personal leadership development program should enable you to develop a plan that helps you gain essential leadership skills required for roles across a wide spectrum from a youth environment to the corporate world.